Music has a way of uniting people and can teach important lessons. I have a 3-year old son who will come of age at a time that is digitally oriented and musically creative.  It is important to me that I meaningfully contribute to the media that he and other children consume and A Song for Miles is the beginning of this contribution.

I hope that readers will discover how growth, love, and personal responsibility can emerge from soul songs. I believe that this book has a unique appeal to broad audiences as it is told from the perspective of a young father, and seen through the eyes of little boy.

Tiffany Russell, Ph.D. earned her Master’s degree African American Studies at Temple University and her doctorate in Educational Policy Studies from Georgia State University. She has written for most of her life, and A Song for Miles, inspired by her 3-year old son, is her first storybook application. She and her husband and son reside in Atlanta, Georgia and she is currently at work on her second book due out in the fall entitled, Colored Me: Black Women Shout from the Ivory Tower (Echo House Publications).

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  • The first Storybook Application on the AppStore that showcases Black soul music artists who shaped and influenced the music we listen to today.

  • Read To Me/Read To Myself and Music On/Off functionality

  • Interactive links to iTunes to purchase music from the artists listed in the book on the Acknowledgments page.

  • Illustrated using digital inks and acrylics that pop off the screen taking full advantage of the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch resolution.

  • Whimsical animations sure to please readers all ages.

  • Storybook application narrated by WCLK's on air personality Jamal Ahmad and scored by Hip Hop artist and Producer c'beyohn